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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. There is currently no data for Communisis PLC. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Some people must think there’s a possibility of a higher bid coming along. Fantastic news if you were holding.

I knew it was cheap but invested elsewhere. Been in and out for years and always thought a well run and interesting company in a difficult area. I’m sad it’s sold well done everyone who stayed in. Deal will complete by year-end, so to avoid dealing costs I’ll await the cash payment.

It’s a done deal I think. Management and major institutional shareholders all on board by the looks of it. After a terrible couple of weeks this was a nice surprise this morning. Whats the feeling on this now? I’m tempted to sell but I hoping to squeeze a bit more profit out of this.

Announced at 71p – looks like a done deal unless someone else steps up with a better offer. I seem to have held these shares forever but they’ve paid good dividends along the way so I’m happy. Now, what to do with the proceeds? RE: Re: Is this a bargain? They seem to be doing all the right things , net debt down 4. 5m , pension deficit down by nearly 10m , throwing off quite a bit of cash , divi up but not paying too much tax .